You can include metadata, in the form of key-value pairs (YAML), at the top of any note, enclosed within --- delimiters. We refer to this as your note’s “frontmatter”.


In the following note, we’ve included two pieces of metadata in the frontmatter: the book’s ISBN and whether or not we’ve read it.

isbn: 978-1542866507
read: true

# How to Take Smart Notes


Recognized keys

Frontmatter can contain any valid YAML key-value pairs. However, there are a few keys that Lumen recognizes and uses to enhance the user interface:

Key Description Enhancements
phone Phone number Adds a phone link.
email Email address Adds an email link.
address Physical address Adds a link to Google Maps.
birthday Birthday (YYYY-MM-DD or MM-DD) Displays time until the next birthday.
github GitHub username Adds a link to the GitHub profile.
twitter Twitter username Adds a link to the Twitter profile.
youtube YouTube username Adds a link to the YouTube channel.
instagram Instagram username Adds a link to the Instagram profile.
isbn Book ISBN-10 or ISBN-13 Adds an image of the book cover and an Open Library link to the top of the note.
template Template name Turn the note into a template with the given name. For more details on templates, see Templates.
tags List of tag names Adds the given tags to the note. This is an alternative to using #tag syntax in the note body.